Start Event Name Locations Participants
Wed 31
8:00 am SMS: Social Action Club a.m./106 Shuksan Middle School Shuksan Middle School
8:15 am WMS - Room 203 - Drone Club - Advisor Grace meloy Whatcom Middle School Whatcom Middle School
8:30 am CS 205 Activities/Athletics Coordinators (8:30-10:00) TBD Department, Teaching & Learning
Central Services
9:15 am WMS - Auditorium - Counseling 6th gr. Team Building Whatcom Auditorium Whatcom Middle School
9:30 am 2nd Grade to Mt. Baker Theatre Cordata Elementary School Cordata Elementary School
9:30 am Mt. Baker Theatre (grade 1 & 2) Mount Baker Theatre King Grade 2
9:30 am SIL: 2nd and 4th grades to MBT Mount Baker Theatre Silver Beach Elementary School
9:30 am WMS - Mobile Dental Clinic - in Main Office Conference Room Whatcom Main Office Whatcom Middle School
9:45 am COZ: BAM! Percussion presents eXplosion - Mt. Baker Theater Performance Mount Baker Theatre Carl Cozier Grade 5
Carl Cozier Grade 3
Carl Cozier Grade 2
9:55 am SEH ASB Exec Mtg Sehome High School Career Center Sehome High School Student Body
11:00 am SMS: ISD/behind stage Shuksan Behind the Stage Shuksan Middle School
11:45 am PAR: Mt. Baker Theater - BAM! Percussion Explosion - Gollen Mt. Baker Theatre Parkview Room 6
Parkview Elementary School Staff
12:00 pm DNP CS 212: Prep for MDT Central Services Conference Room 212 Department, Teaching & Learning
12:00 pm PTA Staff Appreciation Lunch Fairhaven Staff Lounge Fairhaven Middle School Staff
12:30 pm SMS: 7th Grade Lunch/conf rm Shuksan Large Conference Room Shuksan Middle School
1:00 pm CS 212: AT Advisory Group Central Services 212 Department, Special Education
2:00 pm Gymnastic equipment Roosevelt Gym Roosevelt Student Specific
2:30 pm After School Clubs Cordata Elementary School Cordata Elementary School
2:30 pm Art Club Session 1 Birchwood Room 132 Birchwood Students
2:30 pm HAP - Common Threads Cooking Class with Miss Angela / Grades 1 - 2 / Staff Lunch Room / 2:30 - 3:30pm Happy Valley Staff Room Happy Valley Grade 1
Happy Valley Grade 2
2:30 pm LO: Intermediate Choir Enrichment Class Lowell Music Room Lowell Students
2:30 pm Math Facts club Rm 124 Birchwood Room 124 Birchwood Students
2:30 pm SIL: Art 1 (K-2) Silver Beach Annex C Silver Beach Elementary After School Enrichment Class
2:30 pm SIL: Guitar (3-5) Silver Beach Music Room Silver Beach Elementary After School Enrichment Class
2:30 pm SIL: Yeti Silver Beach Big Gym Silver Beach Elementary School Parents
2:45 pm SIL: 3D Modeling Class Silver Beach Library Silver Beach Elementary After School Enrichment Class
3:00 pm Collaborative PD w/Sarah Ferris Library Birchwood Library Birchwood Certificated
3:30 pm BHS: Drama Practice Bellingham High PAC Bellingham High School Drama
Bellingham High School
3:30 pm Bowling 20th Century Bowling Options High School Students
3:30 pm LO: Girls Basketball Lowell Gym Lowell Students