Start Event Name Locations Participants
Tue 13
2:30 pm Cooking Club (grades 3-5) Roosevelt Art Room Roosevelt Student Specific
2:30 pm Futsol Roosevelt Gym Roosevelt Student Specific
2:30 pm HAP - Choir - Music Room - 2:30 - 3:45pm - Grades 3 - 5 Happy Valley Elementary School Happy Valley Grade 3
Happy Valley Grade 4
Happy Valley Grade 5
2:30 pm HAP - International Cooking with Mrs. Wertz / Grades 4 - 5 / Staff Lunch Room / 2:30 - 3:30pm Happy Valley Staff Room Happy Valley Grade 4
Happy Valley Grade 5
2:30 pm Keyboarding Club Session 2 Birchwood Portable B Birchwood Students
2:30 pm LO: Primary Drama Lowell Music Room Lowell Elementary School Grade 2
Lowell Elementary School Grade 3
2:30 pm LO: Science Club Lowell Room A-6 Lowell All School
2:30 pm LO: Tennis Lowell Gym Lowell All School
2:30 pm SIL: YMCA Traiblazers (2-5) Session 2 Silver Beach Covered Play Shed Silver Beach Elementary After School Enrichment Class
2:45 pm Leadership Mtg. Birchwood Elementary School Birchwood Leadership
3:30 pm BHS: Drama Practice Bellingham High PAC Bellingham High School Drama
Bellingham High School
3:30 pm SEH Chess Practice Sehome High School Sehome High School Chess Team
3:30 pm SEH Learning Center Sehome High School Library Sehome High School Student Body
3:30 pm SMS: 8th grade stamp social Shuksan Cafeteria Shuksan Middle School
3:45 pm SEH Dance Practice Sehome High School Gym Practice Room Sehome High School Dance Team
3:45 pm SEH Spring Coaches Mtg Sehome High School Student Lounge Sehome High School Coaches
3:45 pm SMS: PM Beats Shuksan Behind the Stage
Shuksan Cafeteria
Shuksan Gym
Shuksan Library
Shuksan Library Lab
Shuksan Main Stage
Shuksan Middle School
3:50 pm SMS: Makerspace Club/101, 102 Shuksan 102
Shuksan Room 101
Shuksan Middle School
4:00 pm BHS: Community Links Bellingham High Library
Bellingham High Staff Lounge
Bellingham High School Rentals & Meetings
4:00 pm SEH Girls Wrestling Practice Sehome High School Cafeteria Sehome High School Wrestling Varsity
4:00 pm SMS: SpEd Mtg/conf rm Shuksan Large Conference Room Shuksan Middle School
4:15 pm CS BR New Employee Orientation - 4:15 pm - 6:00 pm Central Services 212 Central Services
4:30 pm CS 212 District-BEA Professional Development Committee (4:30-5:30) Central Services Conference Room 212 Department, Deputy Superintendent
4:30 pm Volleyball 7th A Jamboree - All Schools at FMS Fairhaven Middle School Kulshan Middle School
Shuksan Middle School
Whatcom Middle School
Fairhaven Middle School
4:30 pm Volleyball 7th B Jamboree - All Schools at KMS Kulshan Middle School Fairhaven Middle School
Shuksan Middle School
Whatcom Middle School
Kulshan Middle School
5:00 pm CO: Room 12 Parent Meeting Columbia Room 12 Columbia Elementary Wiederhold's Class
5:30 pm PTA Family Language Exchange Mexican Culture Birchwood Cafeteria
Birchwood Library
Birchwood Staff - All
Birchwood Students
5:30 pm PTO Meeting Silver Beach Library Silver Beach Elementary School
5:30 pm SMS: adult volleyball/park&rec-gym Shuksan Gym Shuksan Middle School
5:30 pm Unified Basketball Practice OHS Gym Other